About Us

CORTENDesign s.r.o. has been offering you innovative and progressive products and services for your home using original COR-TEN® material since 2017.  

We are focusing projects in complex- from the initial consultation, through production to the installation of the COR-TEN® work. We always take your requirements into account for each project so that each project becomes unique and individual. 


years of experience with COR-TEN® steel elements in interiors and exteriors, gardens, parks, restaurants or public spaces.

Fits everywhere.


We produce our products exclusively from COR-TEN® steel with original origin, certified composition and precise processing in Slovakia. 

No fake compromise.


unique COR-TEN® products and realizations from our workshop. We are committed to continuing to offer our customers our COR-TEN® works. 

Focused on detail.


We always approach particular projects individually, as evidenced by the fact that in 2021 we successfully patented our first invention. 

Inventing solutions. 

Our services


We design COR-TEN® elements according to the customer's ideas and project specifics.

3D Modeling

We transform design of COR-TEN® elements into 3D models and visualizations based on the real surroundings´ inspection.


We construct own comprehensive design solution and prepare complex technical and assessment documentation for the COR-TEN® project.


We ensure complete production of COR-TEN® elements, including logistics, installation and turnkey finishing.

Consulting & Cooperation

We provide professional advice, consulting services, solution proposals and partial cooperation in your own projects.

The fact that we always approach individual projects is evidenced by the fact that in 2021 we managed to successfully patent our own invention - Magnetic fastening system for facades and cladding in the interior and exterior.

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Do you have your own idea of ​​the COR-TEN® work? We will tailor it for you! 

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